About Us

The State Fair Football Showdown is brought to you by Lone Star Sports in partnership with the State Fair of Texas, Cotton Bowl Stadium, and the City of Dallas. This game brings two HBCU universities together to play in the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium against the backdrop of the State Fair of Texas, honoring the tradition of friendly competition and saluting the history of academic excellence represented by each university. Both Texas Southern University and Southern University will be making their inaugural debut at the State Fair of Texas.

Lone Star’s founder, Henry Barrs, a graduate of Florida A&M University, brings 20 years of experience as an urban music retailer, and advertising and marketing executive, working with companies such as Sony BMG, Universal, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Warner Music Group & EMI. Mr. Barrs also founded the Sound City Music Conference which was held in Dallas for 8 years, until he sold his retail store. The 3-day conference brought urban music retailers from across the country to meet with music industry executives and promotional staff to present marketing strategies and information to help store owners increase business and open new revenue streams.

For the past 7 years, Lone Star Sports has found its success in bringing high school football teams from outside the state to play against teams from Texas public and private high schools.